The Soulful Self

The Soulful Self

So it turns out that starting your own business sucks up a lot of your social life, family life, and any other type of life you might have had before the bright idea that you could not stop thinking about popped into your head.

It has been a difficult winter. Full of starts and stops and successes and failures. We have learned some things the hard way–7 days a week? really Alphonzo? – while some things have come easier than we thought – sandwiches, yay!

But now the sun has come out, my bicycle has come out of its resting place in my kitchen closet, and we can feel the wheels of the store starting to turn a little more gracefully than in previous months.

This store is teaching us what we’re made of. I gotta say though, it’s been fun working with my brother. We have watched each other develop creatively and learn to lead through hands on work. A year ago Alphonzo was managing Press Club and I was shooting video for UC Berkeley and looking at a piece of paper that had our plans for Boxcar on it. Now we’re standing in the space that we created from our own minds.

It is a powerful place to be.

But there are people throughout the community who are doing the exact same thing: leaving the life they knew behind in pursuit of a grander goal. In pursuit of a divine calling. Some of these people we have met, and some we are still searching for. Here is a video of one of our ice cream purveyors. They will be at Boxcar this Friday night as part of our vendor showcase event: