Our Story

Our Story

We believe in the power of food. It nourishes our bodies and our spirits. From our early days spent growing up in Northern California, climbing the lemon tree in our backyard, to our journeys to East Texas witnessing the community our grandmother created by baking teacakes after grandfather’s Sunday sermons, to our summers in central Georgia feeding the chickens on our grandparents’ farm, food freed us to experience life in all its beauty.

Boxcar Grocer began with a brother and a sister team who believe that food can transform life and enrich our world. Nourishment begins with the miracle that is a seed that grows into a plant that flowers into a many possibilities. When you surround yourself with miracles, it makes every day even more special.

Real food is the beginning of a magical life.

That’s where Boxcar Grocer comes in. We opened this kind of  corner store because we believe that life is a journey; and every journey deserves a good meal. Our stores are reflections of what we learned on all those visits with family, sharing with friends, and building healthy lives.

At Boxcar Grocer, we invite you to join us on this journey. We are all travelers. Each of us traveling on the same train headed towards the future: a new destination. A place where relationships matter. A place where everyone has a seat.

We can’t tell you where to go, but we can provide the nourishment to get there. Whether it’s your relationship to food, your family, or your community, Boxcar Grocer is there to help you thrive.

The life you live is magic, and we bring you the food to celebrate your power every day!