A Word or Two About Money

“The quality of freedom is remarkable; if freedom exists at all, nothing can limit it.” M.

We don’t speak enough about money. People fear it and think it is something strange that they will never have enough of. They think it is something either to hide or hold in shame or, worse, to hold in empty glorification.

I’ve seen people fear money because what they have known of money has been used by those around them to control and conquer rather than to unify. Not enough people understand money and so, it drives competition and destruction rather than creation.

Money is so widely misunderstood that people actually believe that money is the root of all evil. Money is energy, nothing more and nothing less. It is neither mysterious nor sacred.

It is a common, agreed upon currency used to trade for products and services. But beyond this, we must start to understand that money represents energy, and, if used with wisdom, is a renewable resource.

Therefore, money is not the root of all evil, selfishness is.

To hoard one’s energy and not use it to create and spread harmony in the world is a most selfish action.

Most of us have an understanding of energy. We know of good energy and those people and situations that bring about beauty in our lives. And we know of bad energy that brings destruction and disconnectedness or makes us feel drained and powerless.

Money can be destructive or creative, in much the same way energy can be used. Try to think today in different terms by substituting the word energy for money.

How will you use your energy today? What are you doing to increase your energy? Why do you need more energy and what are you doing to get it? Is it feeding your Soul or killing it?

Will it be in the service of personal growth? Will your energy be spent on those people and products that seek to unify humanity and spread beauty and love, or will you use your energy to massacre the spirits of people and places you do not know?

How will your energy be used against you today? What makes you fear other peoples’ energy?  

More importantly, how will your energy be used to create the type of community you want to live in and contribute to peace and evolution of this Earth on which we live?

Money is about more than survival. Money is about freedom in the most profound sense. A dollar bill cannot feed your Soul, but your intentions coupled with your efforts can move mountains.

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