Calm in the Community

Calm in the Community

We are ushering in a new era. One that is more about balance and harmony. We are moving beyond the old way of doing things. We are each forced to either move our lives and our communities forward in ways that are very different from how we have operated in the past, or we remain stuck and left behind to wither as the world moves forward.

This has been a challenging week for many. What is happening in the small worlds around us is reflected in what is happening across the globe. Shifting energies. Heartbreaking conflicts. We are watching alliances adjust and, in some cases, break apart. We have certainly entered into what the Mayans predicted as the end of a Great Cycle.

This month especially, we will watch many alliances appear and disappear in relation to the steps we have chosen to take. Many of these situations are coming about because we have been silently answering to ourselves what we want in the world. Some want the same. Even if it has never worked before. We are committed to walking the exact same path hoping it will result in a different outcome.

Some want to see real change. And that only happens by taking chances, accepting what is happening, however painful, checking in on a personal level, and jumping off the cliff called Faith.

When making alliances ask of potential partnerships ask of them, ‘What value do you have in my world’? It is only by asking this question and receiving a thoughtful answer that you can learn who is to share the path you’ve chosen. You should also be able to offer the answer to any who ask it of you. The balance of a mutually respectful and beneficial partnership is the only type of partnership worth having.

This, my friends, is true living growth.

Even in the garden, the soil has to shift for the plants to thrive.

Most of us have uprooted a plant or a seedling from its pot to place it in a receptacle or into another plot of earth where it can flourish and grow. It is a shocking process. If not tended well upon transfer the plant can wither and die. But, plants are amazingly resilient. Able to be dug up, ripped apart, and still find the courage and strength to thrive.

Respect the shifts that are taking place.

The garden will continue to grow, quite possibly flourish in directions you never thought possible. We have to honor the process of transformation. It might look ugly and feel uncomfortable and cause some people to want to sound an alarm. But, no alarm is necessary. Life in any community is not a predictable monocrop, it is an organic process: it will look messy and twisted and quite possibly cause a little pain, but it is all part of the process.

Keep calm and carry on. Follow the action you personally have been called upon to execute! For it is only through direct action and divine patience that the meaning of all these shifts shall be made known. Everything that has remained hidden shall be revealed and we will truly be able to appreciate the big picture in which all of these changes are happening.