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Boxcar Grocer is permanently closed and will not be opening up any other locations.



Boxcar Grocer has permanently closed its doors in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta with no plans to re-open in any new locations. We appreciated the time we spent over the last few years transforming ideas around what a corner store should look like and supporting local farmers and businesses.

After three years and multiple challenges – financial, location, and otherwise – our attempts to move proved too cost prohibitive considering the large debt already incurred to open the first location. We were unsuccessful in our fundraising attempts that started in 2012. The original Kickstarter campaign was never funded because we never met the goal. The GoFundMe campaign we launched to help save the store in January 2015 brought in less than $3,500 and did not generate enough to help cover the expenses to actually close the store much less move the store.

We hope as communities become more educated as to the true cost of food, they continue to support their local food suppliers and farmers. We are grateful to all of our supporters in the Atlanta community and beyond who helped spread the word about our store and we hope to continue to be of service in the future!


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We celebrate our diverse community by offering products that mirror the culinary variety that occurs from movement through the urban terrain, and we honor the significance of all communities that allow us to resonate as  a hub for food access.


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